Trinity Nursing Academy (TNA) is approved by Maryland Higher Education Commission and Maryland Board of Nursing.

Program Objectives:

The objective of TNA’s training program is to:

  • Apply the nursing process holistically to assist in meeting the client’s needs in all age groups.
  • Use appropriate knowledge, skills, abilities, and available resources in practice environment to provide safe and competent care.
  • Collaborate and communicate effectively with clients, their family members and the health care team.
  • Demonstrate accountability for self and other health care team members through evaluation of the quality of care delivered and client health outcomes based upon the established standards within the scope of nursing.
  • Develop a personal code of behavior based upon the principles of professional development and the promotion of nursing as a lifelong endeavor.

We take pride in being different from other schools who offer GNA, CNA and CMT classes and certification. We not only offer training, but we also offer job assistance to secure your new career! We act as an extension of you and will help market your skill set and experience once you complete our course.

We’re Committed to Providing the HIGHEST Quality Care training!

A significant investment in training standards and curricula is needed to prepare greater numbers of healthcare workers for direct-care jobs in order to keep up with the demand for eldercare and disability services. Good training is critical to ensuring the quality of those services and maintaining independence for people with disabilities and chronic care needs.

Our vision

Is to dedicate ourselves to provide personalized services and teaching that achieve extraordinary results and exceed the expectations of those our students are to serve.

Your success is our success!